No Filter


A shy, fragile boy;
Curious to see the world.
Dreams he is uncomfortable
sharing with the world.
Not that he is afraid
of their ignorant opinions,
But because he doesn't want
to feel too intelligent.

Tall and timid, he.
Apprearing conifident,
but only to hide
what he thinks are flaws.
Some days he may
be a bit of
a big ego.

Under what you see
on the outside of he,
is a beautiful soul.
He appreciates the
littlest of things.
Rather it be
someone holding the door,
or clear pavement markings.

The outside shows
limited parts of my truth.
Inside is a world.
A beautiful peaceful world.
No negativity.

This is everything that describes
me, Quincy.
underneath what you see
is me; No filter.
Just me.


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