no clue...

You think you know me

But are you inside me?

Do you see the world from my point of view?

Think my thoughts, feel my feelings?

You have no clue what it is like...


No clue what it's like when people tell you

you have everything - pampered,    sheltered,                 bratty.

What people don't know is how hard it is

with All. Eyes. On. You. to not screw up.


I have made mistakes... Minor and Catastrophic,

but to me, I'm made to feel like its the 





So many people expect me to be something I don't know I am

Mature, polite, civil, calm. 

But sometimes, things don't go according to plan, or there was an accident

And you're stuck wiping up your mess, and no matter how much you scrub...

The       stain      will always        remain.


I'm sick and tired of being that girl who can be an emotional punching bag.

Breaking news: I have feelings also

And they get hurt too. I stand I stand in the shower 

Warm water running down my face, hiding the everlasting flow of tears 

and think to myself, "pull yourself together..."'

"You're over reacting" I say.

Put on my fake smile and lock up my emotions

Because that's what I have to do survive. 


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