No Change


I sit here, with my wallet empty.

But I don’t cry for me, I cry for us.

Why does that man have to sleep outside?

Why do mothers have to lose their pride?

Sitting with their babies in the welfare line.


Why do our war-heroes suffer?

Why does freedom have a price tag?

Cries fall on deaf ears.

As the CEO kicks back with a beer,

Our war heroes die penniless and full of fear.


Why do our dreams turn into a rat race?

Why do our youth go unheard?

Why have we been taught to want it all?

 It looks like the big wigs dropped the ball.

Helpless as the government we trust falls.


Why did Daddy come home and cry?

He lost his job. Another faceless Average Joe.

The familiar tale of the common folk.

His savings will go up in smoke.

Wake up, America. We’re broke.


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