A woman says no, “I will not sleep with you,” and a man goes on a lethal shooting spree and kills the neighbors.

A woman says no, “I will not give you my number,” and a man brutally shoots her outside the club for everyone to see.

A woman says no, “I don’t want you to buy me a drink,” and a man shatters a crystal wine glass across her face.

A woman says no, “I’m a lesbian,” and a man shoots both her and her girlfriend while they peacefully sleep in their home.

A woman says no, “I don’t want to be with you any more,” and a man stabs her to death and murders her beloved dog.

A woman says no, “Stop harassing these teenagers,” and a group of men beat her to death with stones and bats, smashing her skull on the pavement.

A woman says no, “We aren’t married any more, leave me alone,” and  a man shoots her and their children to death.

A woman says no, “We work together but I’m not interested in you romantically,” and a man strangles her to death whilst she’s minding her business and working.

A woman says no, “I don’t want to sleep with you,” and a man rapes, murders and hangs her from an oak tree.

A woman says no, “I’m not interested,” and a man slashes her neck open.

A woman says no, “I never cheated on you,” and a man beats her in front of their friends.

A woman says no, “I want a divorce,” and a man cuts her neck open and stabs her to death.

You want us to start telling you no? You don’t want us to play games? You don’t want us to lead you on? You don’t want us to play hard to get? Teach your fellow men to stop murdering us for it. Teach your fellow men support and empower us. Teach your fellow men to work alongside us as women, to protect our basic human rights.


This poem is about: 
Our world



There are the dangers of saying no that is looking kind of funny by the way I want blogger to post more beneficent and interesting post in the future about important topics and assignments. The theme and setting of this page is really nice.

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