A couple of months ago
A man murdered two women.
Murdered two. Injured six others.
But it was okay.
It was 100% justifiable by his
“troubled past.”

God knows how many years ago
I believe he said it was when he
Finally reached puberty when he
Finally realized that he
Liked women, he
Wanted women, he
Deserved women.
Well, finally he worked up the courage to ask a girl out
(who knows how many it actually was over the course
Of a few years maybe it was one
Maybe it was two
Maybe it was three, ten, six)
But regardless of the number each
and every single one of them
Rejected him.

They said no.
How could they do such a thing
To a (and I quote) “supreme alpha male”
Such as himself?
I mean I’m sure he was
Such a nice guy
And he deserved them.
How dare they give an answer
To a yes or no question
That was anything
Other than yes?

Now, we all know that
This was not the first time that
A man had physically
Harmed a woman for
Saying no and it
Probably wasn’t
The last time.
A guy once stabbed a girl
For saying “no.”
To prom.
That same weekend yet another man shot
Three women.
For saying “no.” to him and his friends

So obviously when a man hears “no”
He doesn’t actually hear “no” he just hears
“Keep trying” or “Kill me.”
Obviously girls should’ve learned by now that
“no” is not a safe answer and we should always
Just say yes.
Make things so much easier
For them.
Screw girls for making boys put up with
“The Friend-zone”
Am I right?

No. And no this isn’t some
“crazy” feminist rant
Declaring that all men and all boys
Are dangerous and evil
Because, trust me, we all know.
“Not all men are like that.”
But way more than enough are.
Why do women keep getting blamed
for getting murdered and raped
As if any of that is their fault?

Just maybe.
This might be completely crazy
But maybe we should stop
Blaming women
For getting murdered and raped
And maybe we should stop
and just think
For a moment, just think.

And maybe it's time
We start blaming
The murderers
and the rapists
For raping
And murdering.


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