A Nirvana For Me

Heaven is here with me.

Heaven shall live in my heart eternally.

Heaven has big blue eyes.

Heaven was an elating surprise.

Heaven is here on earth.

Heaven is you and I racing back and forth.

Heaven came to a little girl, 

One who needed the purest of love.

Heaven was sent from God above.

Heaven is our souls forever intertwined

Heaven is every night, laying by your side.

Heaven is story time at 9 pm

And watching funny Vines again and again.

Heaven has gold- brown hair

And a love for teddy bears.

Heaven is that beaming smile at sunrise.

Heaven is kissing boo-boos after a cry.

Heaven is soft and sweet.

Heaven is every day our eyes meet.

When days are filled with gloom, Heaven is where I look to.

Heaven is my whole world.

Heaven is you.

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