Nights Alone

I’m overjoyed and carefree and relieved

You came into my life at just the right time and I knew I could trust you

We first kissed at night with alcohol on our lips and your hands on my hips

We became one on a night when all we wanted was each other

I opened up and you came running in with your arms wide open

I’d see you and I could my feel my heart lifting, temporarily free from all the weight

You held my waist and kissed my head and told me that it was all going to be okay

But it wasn’t

Now, my mind is racing and my mouth feels dry and everything else is just numb

I became too much for you even though you said I wasn’t

You left even though you said you wouldn’t

You gave up on me even though I need you

You’re in my dreams at night and I wake up feeling reminiscent

I can’t stand having anyone else touch me because all I crave is your hands on me once more

You never leave my mind and at night I need you more than ever

I need your voice to calm me down

Your texts to keep me breathing

Your assurances to keep the knives away

I need you baby

I just want you to come back

Please come back


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