Nightmare Named ‘S’

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 17:12 -- Zhenjai


United States
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Ear-piercing and uncalled for. A shriek steals me away from the night’s slumber. Brilliant are the gleaming golden rays of sun shining in from the window. Shining upon my sibling hunched over in bed, still dreaming, screaming non-stop, blankets clutched in both hands. ZOMBIES, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!! Unconsciously the blankets are thrown at me from across the room. Back to sleep I go. Did I really just get up for this? Another scream and I will be having a nightmare of my own. A nightmare named ‘S’. I begged to be any only child.

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The joys of having a sibling are close to none, when rivalry in EVERYTHING one does is involved.

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