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With the worldly wise and well worn arrows of the deep

And the everlasting beauties of an unawakened sleep

The world is slick and rotten through

A sickly melody for those that chant, to croon

A childless devotion and hurt that never cries

The broken and the bleeding, blind in every other's eyes

Stabbing daggers to my heart, their words, they drip with ice

and with precision to the last, the graven fingers crawl unattached

into my soul, into my heart, in through my back

I dreamed my teeth were falling apart at the gaps within the sky

And the world was darker than ever

and I was too small to fly

I woke to end the sleepless slumber

I grasped at the air that I thought was your chest

And remembered that peter pan is only there in the world between reality and dreams

and as soon as it’s passed

he’s gone.


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