The Night Sky Tells All

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 15:55 -- LoLo124


United States
29° 18' 13.6692" N, 98° 24' 26.8452" W

In the dead of night, crickets play their song.
I lay on the cold dirt ground, while in your arms.
Look up, you say.
A diamond filled like sky.
I see a smile.
The sky stares back at me with loyal eyes with a fighter spirit.
My future is bright and dreams are big.
The northern star guides me through my life.
I’ve always had long hair,
Ever since I could remember.
It makes me, me.
As the wind blows, it blinds my eyes.
I move it behind my ears to see God’s beauty.
It was like a mirror.
The quiet scream noise,
The noise of my past haunts me.
I close my eyes for a moment,
I feel your warmth, but I picture someone else.
The cold air blows once more,
My reality is set back.
Looking at the night sky,
I’m at peace.
City life is where I grew up.
The country life makes me feel at home.
The sky is an attraction to ones eye like a Van Gogh’s painting.
Memories of my life are being told throughout the sky.
I see myself grow as if I was a blooming flower.
Smiles. Tears. Hugs. Laughter.
Things I all Treasure.
Good or bad, it was all there.
It’s called living.
My story made me and I made the story.


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