Nice guys finish last

I look around ...I see the drug dealers who are killing off these addicts , the men who beat women , the liar or the thief , the rapist and the predator getting everything that they never worked for in life. They minupulate lie and steal there way to what I have been working for with honest sweat blood and tears. Nice guys finish last. How can G_d gift them with such amenities and assets they have taken from others. I don't want to be a bad person but it seems like those kind of people are the only people who excel in life. The snitch is driving around in a new car with pocket full of money, the woman beater is blessed with a beautiful home and 3 children to rest his head. I'm honest I work hard never have my hand out but I can't seem to get life right. I don't steal or hurt people I try to help others the best I can but I get used abused and destroyed every chance that is rendered. Being a good person, the "nice guy" is getting me no where. NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!! I still can't bring myself to roll around in the dirt with the scum of the earth. Nice guys finish last. .but at least I can sleep at night.

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