Nice Guy

So you the nice guy
The cool guy
The shy guy
The good guy

I should just runaway
Make my getaway
Somewhere faraway

From the everybody wants guy
So I'm being hellish
What are you gonna do about it?
Nice guy

Come at me
I'm not the first move kinda girl
But maybe you should
Nice guy

That's what it'd feel like
If you notice me
I'd have the upper hand
But I'd still love you
Behind your back

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Or don't you understand me or don't you want to understand me? i offer you my friendship and whatever you want... I love you for better, not bad, and I know you too. Instead of this bad thing, we should enjoy ourselves.

Atowaso Sagata

hey there, thanks for commenting i love that you have different impression on this poem 

which is intially a poem about insercurity... you bout' that special someone but never having the guts to tell them how you feel


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