A Nice Clean Break

The day was fun, going swell
but when I told you not to grab me, well
that didn't suit our perverted worm
no, he'd rather punish me, and watch me squirm
"what else can I do with what you said?"
that's when I should have bashed you in the head
when you slowly inched away so far
it was almost funny on the opposite side of the car
you wouldn't even look at me
you wouldn't speak, and now I see
just what has become of a silly daydream
because you were nothing that you seemed

you say "God will forgive us" is that true?
what about what think of you
because I know now what you truly are 
thanks for the fresh teeth on my scars
I can't believe I asked "you do like me for more than just these"
"sure" he says, haha, what a tease
wrapped in the skin of a man, mature and mild
resides a lewd, barbaric, dirty child

how ironic you played a thief's role
I can't say you've stolen my heart, that's far too droll
no, you stole my respect for you 
your dignity, your intelligence, all shadows too
then I asked that question at the day's end
"Well, we didn't do much, I suppose we can still be friends."
OH well isn't that just sweet!?!
For the best thing to say this boy can't be beat
and LOOK I've shed no tears at all
cuz I'll find a hotter kid this fall
and I'm sure you'll forget me before too long
enjoy your next harlot! (what, am I wrong?)

so this is what they call a nice clean break
but I can break more than hearts you snake


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