nga yawne lu oer

Thu, 09/28/2017 - 10:29 -- Kricket


words unspoken,unheard

ayli’u na ayskxe mi te’lan

i want to say it but I’m scared

that they’ll mean the world to me 

and not a thing to you

ahe first time you told me

oel ngati kameie 

and i realized that somebody does see me

and that you were the only one

how you laughed and smiled

and kissed me and hugged me

when I laid on your chest and said

softly as a bird beats its breast

nga yawne lu oer

when you tried to leave me 

but I wouldn’t let you and i yelled

neto rä’ä kirä

and when i cried you gazed into tear filled eyes 

lifted my hanging chin 


nga lor

and i began to live

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