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Why? That is all I want to understand! Why?! A young girl will lie down and have relations with a boy that they claim they love after 3 days. A you girl will get pregnant before she has even had her cycle for a full year. A boy will think it’s cute to run around the playground snapping bras and grabbing butts, and the school systems are teaching them that it is always the girl’s fault. “she was asking for it”, “she deserved it” and from that stems the fact that now, rape is funny, molestation is something to be tweeted about or posted about so that now people are all hyped up but yet they still sit comfortably behind their computer screen…

Can you hear the screams? Real people screaming for help but you are too busy recording it that you forget that a life is in danger, and you are so consumed with “wanting to be young” and “having fun” that you forgot that when you were young you were making grown choices now you have to live with it. But see the issue with that is that you don’t care that your child is watching everything you do. So while you are twerking, yiking, and posing half naked for the book, drinking, smoking and posting pics with guns…your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, little brothers, little sisters, and baby cousins are imitating you. That is why as I scroll down my news feed I see little girls no older than five twerking and grinding to Ciara and why I see little boys no older than seven grabbing little girls by the waist when red nose comes on and it is a sad fact that I couldn’t even make this up if I wanted to…

Me mad at me if you want to but not enough of us are graduating high school, not enough of us are going to college, not enough of us are setting a better example than the example that was set for us and no, I didn’t make this poem clever with words that rhyme and lines that mean more than what they say because I want you to really hear me. I am done with seeing all of the stupidity that only a small percentile of our generation portrays. Case in point, black women are ranked the most educated group by not only race but by gender as well but nobody knew that right? Because to anyone else black women are known for having “fatties” and being able to “throw dat ass back”…we only hear bad thing about Chicago, all of the violence and shooting and killing but we don’t know that a teenager that is a product of Chicago is leading the way to cure colon cancer.

There are so many brilliant, talented, unique people in our age group but we would never know it because us as a generation are  too busy promoting the few that are just like everybody else, the few that do dumb shit like the cinnamon challenge, the condom challenge, and the ice challenge. Here’s an idea let’s start doing the “graduated school at the top of my class” challenge, the “I got accepted into a university with scholarships” challenge, the “I am going to wait until I am married” challenge and the “I will not let this society kill my dreams” challenge. Now THAT is something worth sharing


But then again who am I right? I will post this video and get few likes but you know what?  I don’t do this for the likes I do this to get my words out. 


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