A New Word

I feel the cold close around me and the skies close up with darkness,

Ice fills my veins as the night grows inevitably longer, darker,

Stone replaces flesh inside my chest and breathing becomes harder, heavier,

If I could see my breath it would bellow like smoke in the frozen air,

And all at once I am blinded.


I see it in the distance, a light, a beacon, a pinpoint of hope in the sky,

But it seems so far away, so distant and high,

And I have no wings with which to fly,

I scream into the night and I let loose a wicked cry,

And you see me.


The light comes to me, the warmth burns away the frost on my skin,

I feel the blood begin to flow and thaw within,

Your light melts the stone around my heart and I feel it beat again,

I see your light and love and hope,

And once again I learn to cope.


I did not ask you to save me yet I can not refuse your grace,

And I witness the beauty of your smile on your face,

I don't know where I am, I feel foreign in this place,

So I tried to run but you gave chase,

And told me that it is safe,

All at once I realized where I was, a new word I did not understand,

A synonym for your name where I could stand,

A new word called Home.



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