A New Product


A sphere of life, constantly force fed

From the world, into the womb

Ignorance has polluted the innocence

Gravid host poisons the unborn

Toxins consumed, enter the abyss

The truths have yet to be revealed


Ripped from the giver of life

Expose what was concealed

Born too effeminate

Reproduction has failed


Now he’s thrust into a life

Surrounded by a plastic world

Touches everything consumed

Contaminated doom

Mother’s milk is turning foul

Pollution from the inside out

No longer protected in the womb

A new product of the disease


Putting death right to his lips

Downfall brought forth by this

Pathogens speed up the plague

Drawing closer to the end of days

Cancer has consumed

His body is taken by the curse                  

His life, brought forth

Grasping for a last breath

Wondering why he has to face this fate    

The answer has been there all along            

His madrigal shall soon be played            

The end of his contorted life                                         

The end, has come                                        

Plastic world has won                              


The plastic in your veins                                      

Is pushing out what soul remains        

Adding to the casualties of our modern age


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