A New Person is at First Sight

Who’s that with the short hair in my bus stop?   

A glance at her face is the cutest thing I see,    

Ever since I fall for her I started to fop.    

Even if she’s an upper classman it doesn't bother me.    


All those coincidence made my heart heated,    

Being friend with your best friends is the closest I ever get to     

Returning your junk make my heart accelerated   

Giving you a love letter is the hardest things I ever do.    


When I see you I squint away to space.   

It was my mistake that I didn't confess to her,    

I ruin the perfect chance when we was in the right place   

 My feeling tingle when I think about  her.  


Just hurry up and confess,   

you never know she might wear that wedding dress.  


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