New Moon

As I dive back into the night

I realize the ring worn

is for another.

This sonnet is unbroken

Due to the lies told for you and I

Just as the ring implicates.


These hugs go farther than a kiss 


But I still bleed a lapidated mans story

For I am a victor

Of a cold mans crush.


I sit in the car In the presence of the Wednesday Vixen

Covered in sweat and harshened morning breath

While dew protrudes from the 

Ground as profusely.

And I can feel it's cool wet touch

And mother natures love from my 

Cool wet hand.


I have broken a barrier 

Just by touching insentience 

Still playing tag with the infamous

The one I surely could not see.

The animosity crushing my spirit within,

Or whatever's left of it nonetheless.


For I am the winner 

No sorts of blinders

Nor bifocals can affect me.

I'm from a dead town.

where corn grows 

And crows perch on top 

Of corroded trees


Where men forget their ties and

Throw them over board 

Just so they will be knotted hooked 

Yet still lost at sea.


I bleed

Oh sorrow 


Yet still resides within me

For I've met the man 

In which my family believes.


Fame is only for the fortunate

So stay humble

I say,

But some days brown leopard glasses

Can stain a green patch of leaves.


For my family believes in autumn

Yes I'm sure they have seasons

But I believe in another type of

Relationship with earth 

For I live in a tundra

A broken kind of place 

That forgets that you'll ever need


Such a transition of seasons 

Only black and white

Is what you'll truly ever need.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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