New me

Old me

is no where near

the new me

I am polished,


look good as new


Old qualities are still there

but the paint job covers the old

Self esteem is about a nine

when it uses to be a three

Shyness is almost gone

though it is masked by a smile

there is still some hiding in me


My heart my heart

Beats still to its own song

Making every emotion a different rhythm

some are similar

like when I am



or scared

But now my heart beats a different song

it's quite foreign

Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys

They became my daily distraction

I had to pick

I had to choose

Books or Boys Fools or School

Books it was School it was

Black Females tend to settle

But this one couldn't settle

Becoming successful is my goal


Old me cared

what others thought

Did stupid things to get




I found out the hard way

My friends

weren't really



New Me

Has a growth mindset

If I have to fly solo

I will reach my goals

Support is needed

but not unsupported support

Hindrance slows down the person

who allows it


The naked eye sees



Black and

a Female

but the old me cant

compare to the new me


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