A New Leech

This being does not steal your blood. No, it steals something that could be considered much more precious

This leech he focuses on your time. He takes seconds first, then minutes, then days, for some he takes months, and even years.


Many hardly even notice what they are losing because unlike other leeches.

He does give something back

He gives you satisfaction

Huge heaps of dopamine

He gives you joy and endless content to soak up

And leave you empty


This leech hides his true colors 

But people are starting to see

This new addiction 

The effects it will have

One day we will all see


The screen was born years ago

Big and bulky at the start.

Now he takes many forms

And is considered smart.

And smart he is because he knows

That to many he is not a choice

But a necessity in this new world.


So a warning I must pass before he finds a way 

To seem once again like a harmless little tool that steals our days away.

Be careful how you use him.

Don’t let him take too much of your time

Because as we all know

Time is the one thing you won’t get back. 


Just Remember

He is a useful tool.

That part isn’t false.

However he will never be harmless

If you forget that all is lost.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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