New Eyes

There’s a place far away inside of me
And I come close but then it goes—
This sweet place is from my dreams of eternity
From the heart, the open soul, it’s immortality

When all was lost and I didn’t let go,
You came to show me the open doors
I stepped through, and fell to the floor
But you lifted me up, brought me out,
Said the world is round
And there’s nowhere to fall but into my heart
Where else could you start?
How else could you start?

But there’s a place far away inside of me
That I should go, that I should run to
Because you’re gone—you left a hole where
I can’t breathe—
A space I never got to fully see
Because that special love was for you from me

Now I must run far away
To that place inside of my soul,
A new land we all strive to know

When we’re broken from the old way of life
There’s a place inside us that will make things right
And that’s where I’ll be, since the Sun is our destiny



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