I think of you everyday

hoping that you are okay.

Wondering if you think of me,

if you even remember me.

Standing here all alone, thinking alone.

I think of that smile that made me smile,

and that laugh of yours that made me laugh.

That wink you would sneak in once in awhile,

while you stare to make me blush.

Your hugs that brought forward warmth and comfort.

Your strength that brought forth security.

Your voice which brought peace and patieNts.

To the moments we've shared and madE.

Just makes me wish that things didn't haVe to change.

Those long nights talking on the phonE about our days.

Sharing stories, ideas,DREAMS. Even the future.

The feelinGs we had and felt are stIll there,

and I'm sure of that. I pray for you eVeryday

hoping you will come back to me somEday.

Through Gods will it will show. Wither its true to be, or no.

No matter how far, or how close.

We ALWAYS find a way. A way to stay.

A way to know. A way to see, and a way to communicate.

I know you've lost yourself, but baby theres a way.

I know who and what you are.

Follow your heart and I'll follow mine.

Together we shall see.

Take my hand and trUst me.

We'll find a way again some day.

Miles aPart but strong at heart.

There will be a day. We will find a way.

















































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