Never enter the world of a Fae

With tainted lips he drew me in

he plucked my hands

he kissed it softly

in a soft song

he whispered to me

The way I see you, my darling

it makes the stars gleam brighter,

but they only reminisce

 & dream of eyes such as yours

& the ocean waves, my love

your breath sucks it close,

your dimpled cheeks bright it up

& your frown crashes it down

So with these words he spoke

I began to swirl

the whirlpools turned

the trees began to dance in the wind

& I extended my hand

I told this man,

I am yours

But verbatim?

I said,

My name.

I am Mary.

Words dripping with honey,

blood boiling with booze

he brought me to his circle

& like a fairy I began to fly

with his wings he stole me away

His hands on mine

my bruises ever fading

ever returning

a cycle, a tornado of hands

But in his world there was no time

there was no mine

there was only his

I’d been warned

their fiery words had burnt through

They were right.

Never enter the world of a fae

Their words are made from the stinger of a bee,

they drip with honey

they are difficult to remove

& their world is not fit for the likes of me

human souls aren’t made for their treats

euphoric dopamine stung into my blood

a breath of air coated in drugs

my eyes weren’t made for their games

psychedelic swirls & the rings around Saturn

brought to the hands gripping mine

trapped with no escape

Never enter the world of a fae.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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