The Never-ending War

Daddy always wanted a little soldier;
He wanted his girl to be fierce, and strong.
He was a marine, and I never tried hard enough.
But I’ve been fighting in a war since day one.

This war makes the strongest foundations crack;
It catapults its victims into an inescapable abyss.
This war doesn’t give a fuck how it destroys you.
The effects are heavy, and last a lifetime.

And this war is the toughest to be fought;
The longest war that has ever been.
This is a never-ending war fought within you;
The war to accept and love everything that you are.

This war runs on harsh words and vicious actions;
Any efforts to win are inevitably shattered.
The opposing side is ruthless and impervious.
Full of harsh words to skewer the soul.

We are enlisted the day that we leave the womb.
And I graduated top of my class; thrown right into it.
This is a war I have been fighting for nineteen years,
This is a war that I refuse to give up on.

But this is a war that cannot be won. 


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