Never Ending Horizons

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 16:19 -- Katelyn


United States
41° 48' 40.6872" N, 83° 34' 58.6056" W

The horizon is infinite.
It’s as if I escaped the sea of Barbie’s
And landed— in a little ship!
No more land falls behind me.
The horizon is infinite.
Land is the walls of the cage that no bird could escape.
As I sail into the infinite sea I become homesick for the land.
But alas, without it I have more— freedom
With the infinite horizon.
No event was ever greater than the discovery.
I become the madman.
The land was broke into pieces and was extinguished
Because of the infinite horizon.
In time radical distinctions are brought to life.
They have close juxtapositions— of the same man.
In the infinite Horizon,
We have killed him— you and I!

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