Never Changing

Never Changing

Back in the day you would think twice before you say my name

Considered hungry and thirsty so I chased the fame

burning flames fairly new to the game so the shit didn't change

See i'm smiling kinda funny cause chicks is tossing out rent money

there's no lavish to my style No habits

Never Changing

something to think about, Im tired stressing full of doubts at times

I get in my car and ride my gas out just thinking

My ancestors would be tossing and turning in thier graves to find out I was considered the

epitome of a slave

pants too small sitting my ass is out with a nasty dispostion shitty no clout

Never changing

Bills piling up gotta work it out, phone keeps ringing & i'm spazzing

God what's good just asking?

Seems like never needs to change, the longer the purpose it starts to

look like a three ringed circus

trust and believe there's no magic hocus poke us

Never changing

 gotta believe you can brush your teeth with how cold this game gets

honestly, no time to hesitate beacuse my pockets empty,

running to the dollar store no colgate

Never changing

Messing with this industry could be costly, eager desiring to

please mouths frothy cudjo

frantic and alone holding on to a pre-paid cell phone, losing

grip tripping crazy, lazy must put that work in!'

Never changing!



This poem is about: 
Our world


Monica Chrisandtras Hines

If you do change, Change for the better and make a difference!

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