Never Alone


You're on an endless quest of seeking individuality

All while trying to contain your fucking sanity.

Which is pretty hard when the world's against you.

And no one gives a shit about what you been through.

See, you've been told many time you would end up a statistic.

Tried hearing that a million times without going ballistic.

There's many different things that could determine your life.

No wonder people walk around with so much strife.

Try being a seventeen year old  girl in the United States

Where guys try to grope

And other girls just hate.

Like you're a freak, a goddamn disease

Something of value when only getting on your knees.

Bullshit, right?

Yeah  I agree. 

Cause when you're really cute all the people see

is a slut, a whore, a goddamn trick.

Well fuck everyone.

They're all pricks.

Even if you think you're alone, you never will be.

I know because, well shit, you're me.






Oh, and it was super good.


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