Negotiating a Bad Deal


"Won't you reconsider?" He said with a smirk

I try not to quiver, He catches a jerk

of the wrist, just a twitch, but enough to reveal

the nerves, now induced, by the thought of His work


"You must understand," I shortly reply

surely obvious, reasons to why

I search every measure to sever a deal

that damns my redemption, meant when I die


"All with its cost," offering His rebuttle

as if my eternal was something so subtle

that's when it occurs, quite clear and quite real

a choice to be made, not much left to muddle


"Seems hands are tied," conclusion I draw

forced to forsake my Olde Father's law

tread towards the end with Hell at my heel

until the day cometh, the thought will it gnaw


"A name on the line," His final command

inked up with blood, a feather in hand

depths of my soul, now stained with His seal

I pray, pray it's worth, to live a marked man


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