A Need

Late at night, he waits,

Frightened but hopeful,

Terrified yet brave,

His belief is undying,

His belief for the future,

His want for change,

No, not want,

A need,

A need to be accepted by society,

A need to escape the horrific prejudice held against him,

It is a need for change,

One that will simply not go unanswered,

One that will take millions of people,

To band together,

Against this injustice,

One that will fuel a societal revolution,

All because,

Of the hopes and dreams,

Of a young boy,

A need,

Late at night, he waits,

For something much greater than himself,

For a decade, upon decade long struggle,

That will eventually go beyond his own lifetime,

Up until it has happened,

When he can look down from above,

At the new change he has created,

All because he was a boy with a dream,

A want,

A need.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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