Is This Necessary God?

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 00:18 -- dvega1


Father, why me?

I know I'm not perfect and I keep making mistakes but is this necessary?

I know I didn't appreciate everything at every moment but why me?

I know sometimes I say things out of spite but may I please take it back?

I know I could have made better choices but may I have another chance?

I could have changed things as time progressed through life

But selfishness and society taught us nothing of sacrifice

Racism ran the streets and it taught little kids to grow up, no self esteem

I used to think, is this necessary God? What happened to the American Dream?

I know I can't blame the past and my decisions have been mine

But please Father, why me? I love and I yearn for true wisdom and happiness.

Has all of this been necssary God? These struggles through life?

I grew up by learning on my own

And raised my sisters to do the same

Through all griefs and battles in life my girls are my constants

We have struggled together since birth

Strength stems from strife

Battle scars are no longer shameful but represent honor and motivation

There's this perspiration comes from perseverance and dedication

I see, God. This was necessary to create me.


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