Nautical Adventure


United States
44° 39' 50.0904" N, 123° 59' 50.5824" W

Splash! Splash!
The waves hit the beam.
Click! Click, click, click, click, click!
The winch whines as the sheet is hauled in.
Creak, creak!
The hull groans under the stress.
There is nothing quite like sailing.
The sounds of the howling wind
And Jimmy Buffett singing are inspiring.
The contrasting colors of the azure ocean
And the ivory mainsail dazzle the mind.
The pleasing sights and sounds
Can soon leave
As a storm can appear out of nowhere.
But, luckily, it can leave as quickly
As it comes.
Soon, too soon sometimes, land is in sight.
The beauty of it all is that
You can embark once more
On a new adventure whenever you want.


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