Natures Sarcophagus: In Loving Memory of Snow White

I lay waiting, true love surely on its way.

Because true love, exists, right?

Happily ever after, I'll wait a thousand years if I have to.

Until someone comes along to end my suffering-

Wait, who said I was suffering?

Leave me here, please, I'd rather not wake up

Just to live to please someone new.

Pale skin and dark hair, maybe the sunlight through the trees will give me a tan…


I can still hear, you know, I'm not dead yet.

The birds gossip about you.

Are those your footsteps I hear now?

Every sound gets my hopes up,

I suppose I'd rather not rot here.


It's been about a thousand years, my eyelids can't tell time.

Ive resigned myself to the weeds that grow in my hair,

Blood red rose petals on my lips, my fingernails turn to thorns.

Blood turns to sand, skin turns to stone, I'm as pale as marble now.

Paralyzed by perennials.


When you leave a body in the woods the only true thing

Is that no one will find you.



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