nature's death


Baby grass sprouting their wings

Listening to the wind as it sings

Flowers that spin and toil

The flowing steam that is slick as oil

Elderly trees so tall and strong

To the sturdy rock that’s been here for so long

The motherly sky that watched us from above

With the son showering us with his powerful love

The children clouds all run and play

Hopefully these will continue to stay

But the grass is cut down

Barely any is attached to the ground

Wind has lost its beautiful voice

Now it sings destruction by choice

Flowers are plucked and covered by soot

Many times they are trampled by foot

Of some weird creature that doesn’t care

About nature or why it’s even there

They build strange object that kill everything

Even the nightingale who all heard to sing

They blocked up the rivers and killed every stream

Only death and profit was a part of their dream

They took the frolicking animals away from their beds

And put a price on each of their heads

The trees are cut down for only one use

The rock can hardly stand the abuse

The sky is weary and her son is growing thin

The ozone layer is crumbling in

The son is burning thing to death

The earth can barely catch its breath

The clouds can no longer dance and play

For they were all smothered that one sad day

I ask those creatures why

Did all my friends have to die

To which it replied for money for fame

 to all the things only I have to gain

to plunder the seas to search every nook

to kill thousands of creatures without even a second look


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