The laws of nature don’t need a judge with a gavel or an esquire to unravel the facts, these laws cant be broken by man or witchcraft because the universe has already finalized a constitution without a need for first or final draft, this is why gravity pulls fruits from trees but river currents push the frame and weight of rafts, and the energy exerted by an oppressor will eventually equal the energy of the rebels when they eventually decide to push back, men and women were made with purpose but it doesn’t mean that their purposes are exact, men defend ideologies, protect the wealth of women and land from the wrath and attack, of opposing man using force to entrap with weapons and masks, women protect babies, life and souls so that houses became homes that become generations that don’t collapse, but somehow masculinity is now toxic and being feminine is on the attack, so woman that want to raise a family are wasting time because of all of the checklist items modern men lack. Hyper feminist skipped equality and vie for power, just without the risk that nature placed on men’s backs, they boycott for equal wages and titles at fortune 500’s and God knows many more women are deserving of that, but I’ve yet to see a picket line outside of where the coal miners and brick layers are perched ready to rebuild mosques in Iraq, and even mothers in tears from fear of war, would send their husband and son before their daughter dare to touch a gun or have to fire and point one back, war is not all but survival of a species is how nature pays us back, we all play a role in the survival of humans because mankind lost can never come back.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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