A Natural Unbalance

What is it? We see it everywhere:

That natural unbalance of support

It is everywhere we go 

Yet it goes unseen by many.

Athletics and performing arts,

Performing arts and athletics.


We see the unbridled support of

Local athletes in communities,

But what about the actors or musicians?

Rarely do I see companies 

Supporting these brave souls

Who take more chances than your

Average person.  Might we see a little 

More balance in the world we live?


In schools we see thespians bullied by

Jocks who don't know how to be

Something else.  Thespians are comfortable

In being themselves while the rest 

Are too busy being would be's.

Can't we support these brave souls 

Who reflect the fear and bravery of the 

Human spirit in life around us.


A single person can change the world,

Can build you up, can knock you down.

The world is an empty place without the

Arts. But why think of sports as

Superior and arts as inferior? It takes one,

Just one incident to make a difference.

The natural unbalance of support,

Perhaps, is not so natural after all.

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