Nasty Flower

Once a long tone ago a beautyful lady gave a young man a flower. She said it was a very special flower. That he had to be kind and gental to the flower. It was a lovley flower, yes perhaps there were other flowers that were more excotic, but this flower meant the world to the young man, for he cared greatly for the young lady that had given hin the flower.

In the begining he and the lady sincerly enjoyed each others company, life was good. As the years went on the lady started to grow distant, detached and uncareing. Soon she was showing the young mans flower to men and women at parties. This hurt the young man, for he couldn't understand why she would share his flower with comlpete strangers.

He asked why she would take away his special flower and show it to strangers, and let them play with his flower?

It hurt the young man to see other guys and girls playing with his special flower. After all didnt the beautyfull lady say that the flower was his alone? Didn't she say that he needed to care and nuture the special flower?

One time he caught the beautyfull lady letting some man play with his precious flower and she yelled at the young man saying"that he no longer could have the flower, and she was taking it back". Apon hearing this the young man fell into a deep depresion and cryed for months for he so missed the beautyfull young lady. As time went by though he learned to live without the young lady and her special flower. Over time the beautyfull lady and her flower were but a memory. but alas the ladys memory preyed apon the young mans memory. He could never trully froget about the beautyfull young lady and her special flower.

Through the years,the now not so young man could never really be happy for all he heard were the beautyfull ladys lies and deceat. All he could remember was the hurt that she caused him by letting others play with his special flower. So he lived alone the rest of his life alone never again trusting the words of another woman.



My best friends poem thought I would publish it for him...

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