Narrative of Deniero Black

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 13:00 -- Deniero


My brain is a coffin/made from refined oak wood/ buried in the body of a boy/ too depressed to get off his lazy ass/ too lazy to let his depression finish him off/ tonight/ i am paradox/ like jumbo shrimp/ how can something so small and insignificant/ bring such a big change in size/ that the world has to address it differently

Like my poetry

How can I

Bring such a big change

That the world deems me poet


And not depressed

And not suicidal

This is not a poem

But my suicide note


Turned plaque

If you want to know

Why they call me

Mr. Black


Its because a produce darkness

And make it into art

Turn this decay in my head

Into something good for the living to look at



I am the death

That birthed a renaissance

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