A nap is all it takes

Tue, 09/20/2016 - 04:27 -- Tke222

I feel drained of all my energy

life takes from me my body

my emotions.

The stressors of everything has me dizzy,

I am seeing the world as charcoal black.

There should only be one time I see that charcoal black.

Im exhausted and anchored down from the mundane;

so I nap to see that charcoal black in my eyelids. 

I want the charcoal to sketch my notebook paper with dreams.

I see dreams as adventures and stories that excite me.

They change colors so I can see the world a new.

Revamp my soul and spark lightning through my core charcoal.


the dreams you give me cheer me,

they are moments of ecstasy that renew me.

One sweet nap is all it takes

the darkness behind my eyes resets my mindset. 

One charcoal decorated nap restores me;

it reminds me why life is good.

One little nap that starts with charcoal black.

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