Name Game

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 11:43 -- Mseery

Toiling the days away behind a desk

Cashiering away for the tourists.

A typical tedious tuesday until...

A man, short and troll-esque,

Saunters in through the door.


“Hi-ya man, what do you got?”

He proclaims without shame.

I point to the knick knacks I sell,

But the dwarf is not amused.

He gestures to the keychains,

“Man that’s boring and lame,

You don’t even have my name!

There’s Alice and Bob and Billy

John Jacob Jingleheimer Whatsit

But not mine, that’s silly!”


I smirk and I reply

“It’s a big shelf, take another look

Three tries, and I swear

You’ll find something fine.”

His face lights up and he turns

“I propose a name game,

If I can’t find one personalized thing

Hand me all of this flashy bling.”

“It’s a deal” I reply.


He glances and searches and peeks

“Fred Grace Harry Molly… Wait”

Finally he finds the keychain he seeks

His face changes in disbelief.

And I know I have won, for he found

The one between Ruben and Russell

The small shiny inscription, only one word long:




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