Namaste, I say

Sat, 10/15/2016 - 07:27 -- Raissa

“Namaste, I say”


Tension in my shoulder,                

Strain upon my spine.

Worries trapped in my brain,

No time for cloud nine.

So my skin gets colder…

My heart, heavy as a boulder.


But there is silence to retain,

Breath to be of worth.

Heart to replace mind,

A sense of rebirth.

Freeing me from binding chains,

Escaping this world of pains.


Heaven, do I find?

No, but close to,

In a darling room rimmed with glass,

 And a guide straight in view.

Every inch is then lined,

With the serenity of mankind.


A gentle tiptoe as others I pass,

To claim the spot I rest my rear.

Inhale expand, exhale release,

I close my eyes without a fear.

A centering meditation, alas,

Until the voice commences class.


As brush strokes on an art piece,

Asanas flow from pose to pose.

 Heat as we salute the powerful sun,

Cool as we honor the moon as it glows.

We fold at each and every crease,

No letting that breath of ours decease.


Don’t stop there, for we have just begun.

As the camel’s back arcs,

And the warrior lunges his stance.

The fire chakra  sparks,

Your tree is blown over by none,

For you and your breath are one.

That breath will guide you to become the “Lord of the Dance”,

It will reach your feet to the sky in shoulder-stand.

It will give you strength to bear any weights,

Whether present at mind or later at hand.

Yes, you see breath is the key to advance,

But it also allows you to accept, and fall into a dream like trance.


This practice may intimidate,

The body may rebel.

Your tree may be blown,

You may want to yell.

It isn’t easy, I can relate

But that first day of class was fate.


I traveled the unknown,

And that’s where my love was grown.

Times were, and still can be tough,

But focus and breath is enough.

To persevere,

To hold no fear.

Now, in that darling room of glass,

I don’t want time to pass.


My body finally gets a say,

And you know what my lips read?

As my heart gets it day,

And those worries are freed?




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