Mythical Creatures

The demons sing songs only I can hear.

they laugh when they see my fear.

Their tongues slide across my skin like snakes.

Ballads of flesh and gore wrench my mind.

their chuckles grow sinister.

My place amongst them awaits.

Who are the shadows that dance across my mind at night.

There is no light in sight, It could have been.

Always, I will hear the intoxicating melody of the nymphs.

Overlay the march of death.

The fey foretold of death in the stars.

The soil was tinted crimson and the child of earth lay still.

The tears that poured from my eyes.

Mixed with the blood that leaked from my orifices.

You are the sacrificial lamb of man.

The caged griffin clipped wings.

The sting of the wind upon my face.

And earths mist surrounds me once again.

I am flying.

I am dying.

For the good in the cosmos.

And the quiet in my mind.



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