The Mystery Locked Inside Me


Feeling alone, locked in a box, full of fear, and no light. 

Full of regret and full of despair,

breathing in the midnight mist with no air. 

Looking for an escape but there’s no path. 

Looking for help before I reveal my wrath. 

I ask myself “what is wrong with me” as thoughts race across my mind,

feeling like there’s no time left to rewind.

I’m crying out for help, oh help me please!!! 

Is there a way I can express my thoughts instead of being less in peace. 


I sit alone, breathing, wondering if there’s a way to express my emotions. 

I’m surrounded by a crowd, breathing, I feel alone, wondering if anyone notices me. 

I look in the mirror, breathing, wondering who is this girl reflecting me. 

I wonder, my mind goes on a constant trip.

I wonder, my mind is spinning, replaying events from just one clip. 

I wonder, my heart is aroused feeling like a sinking ship. 


I want to feel alive, I want to feel free, I want joy and happiness can’t anyone see?

My voice is so loud but it’s left to be a small echo. 

My dreams seemed as sweet nothings,

my hope was already sweet defeat. 

I wanted to be as beautiful as a dove

carefree, vibrant, and pure. 

How can I express what I am feeling?

How can I make someone understand this pain?

How can someone be here for me through the hail and rain ?

Why do I feel alone and insane?


I was an outcast, stuck in my past


someone noticed me in an unusual way,

I was pretty much speechless on what to say. 

Someone noticed that I was crying for help to express myself, 

I was denying the help out of fear. 

She wanted to help me find the path,

guide me through this journey I seen as misery. 

She took the key and unlocked my bouandry. 


She begin to read me like a book, 

it’s like she knew me from just one look. 

She introduce me to something I was afraid to do.

I wasn’t brave enough or had a clue. 

Expressing myself? I always wanted to. 

I was introduce to a pen and a piece of paper. 

It became my escape from the darkness of the world and my sorrows. 

I begin to write, my thoughts flowed like the Nile River. 

It was like time freezed and i controlled the clock. 

It was a mystery locked inside me. 

My emotions that was balled up became a star rushing through the sky. 

I never felt so careless and free. 

It felt as if the world revolved around me. 

Poetry was my escape. 

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