To Myself

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 12:34 -- adelekm

to my Self,

you have always been,


and will continue to be,

perfect in your imperfections.

You are human,

and you are as beautiful as the cosmos.


to my Skin,

riddled with the remnants of

once-red trails

through snow,

thank you for holding me together

despite all I’ve done to you.


to my  Mind,

one moment, placid sea,

the next, whirlpool,

you are always in control,

even when thoughts

gather in clouds and

wind stirs your seas

until you cannot tell

up from down

or left from right.

you can calm the skies

and you do not need pain

to do so.


to my Soul,

you are not shattered,

for you are not what

anyone else thinks of you, just as

you are not what the mind

yells and screams

when the skies are murky

and clouds tuck the heavens

out of sight.


to Myself,

I have always been,


and will continue to be,

perfect in my imperfections.

I am human,

and I am as beautiful as the cosmos.

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