Myrtle Avenue

Fri, 12/22/2017 - 07:10 -- Dvc1996

Good afternoon
Good morning
Today we're going back
To the 90's
Only wish
I could
Back when
Back then
Everything was so simple
Had a cute katana
A pink little flip phone
Moms was mad
Because i raised the bill
Buying and downloading games
But I was five
What'd did you expect?
Everything being effortless
Dancin' to destiny's child
And Aguilera
Swinging these lil hips back and forth
Shakin' my tail feather
Remember Livin' back on George street
That was soo long ago
I'm surprised
That it even
came into my mind
Just wishing I could find
or make a time machine
Going back to where
Everything was green
Everything was clean
Your neighbor
greeted you
In the morning
The people there
They were always
So very courteous
Straight Reppin' Ridgewood
No matta what the cost is
Treadin' lightly
Buh now i see
That my hometown
Its Changing
But god
It was soo perfect
It's buildings
And the past they holded
It was such a safe place
It was paradise
For a kid
For a kid
Who was only five

My sister kelly
A millennium child
She's a beauty
Just like her mom
Her middle names samantha
She never fell in love
You can blame this generation
She had 4 guys
Fighting for her attention
She can't decide
She can't make up her mind
Cryed herself to sleep one night
She told me at the laundromat
In far rockaway
New York
Moved about
two years ago
Out here
The air
It still feels weird
The rent went up
past two thousand dollars
So we just had to
Had no option
Went to court
Fighting all these landlords
It's whatever
just know we're doing better
Livin two blocks away from the beach
You should see it
It's soo serene
Taking a jog
On the sand
In the morning
My little red-polished pinky toe
It has a mood ring on it
You can tell just how i'm feelin'
Just by looking at me
Have a younger sista
Her name is mia
About just 9 years old
Lookin' just like her father
He's dominican
Yeah, i guess thats why
Moms fell in love with the wrong men
She couldn't help it
She was too naive
Too pure
To realize
All his lies
One night she came into my bedroom
Broken down, tears down her face
I could see the pain in her eyes
When she realized
She was carryin' a little baby
Her belly
It was only 3 months old
She asked me and my grandma
mami nancy
Should I keep it?
You don't even have to ask that
You have a soul inside of you
Do what you did for me and Kelly
We'll help you, always and forever
Do you even even know why?
Because you're a father and a mother
Did it on your own,
On your own time
I'm so proud of you
You're my idol
You'll be always made of gold
Never the fake kind
You're beautiful
I knew God took
His time
While he was creating you
But your real name is
My god
just look
at the way you glitter

Watcha think im reppin' for
Tryna tell you
My life
How I started
how i practiced though
The notebooks
The many that i
have filled up
With all the kinds of poetry
They hold my whole soul
I'm just hoping
Somebody out there
Someone for free
Someone that doesn't
Charge by the hour
I'm just hoping
That I'm not too late
Turning 22 this August
Always been a virgo
Dangerously Obsessed
With avocados
I don't know why
They taste good on everything
At chipotle they keep repeating that it's extra
Well, yes
Yes i know this
Make it a double scoop
Ohh, and don't forget the chips
Your totals $19.96

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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