My Year

What have I done in twenty sixteen?

I had the uneventful birthday of nineteen.

I didn’t believe what the upperclassmen were trying to sell

Three months later I learned they were right, Ochem is hell.

While I was binge watching shows I might have looked lazy

But 20 credit hours, a job, and 2 clubs show I’m actually just crazy.

Unlike most around me I did not call it a sin

When the more corrupt candidate didn’t win.

I spent many a weekend cursing my luck

Because while my friends were at the range I was in dishroom cleaning up muck.

I signed a lease with my three best friends

And spent many nights wondering if that friendship was at an end.

I played referee in all the fights

And prayed we would all come out all right.

Now here we are and all seems fairly well.

Hopefully next year I have a better story to tell.

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