My Wound and My Weapon

Underneath my skin and under the bubbling turmoil,

It speaks to me in hidden whispers

It wails and weeps

Underneath there lies a world of sorrow 

It craves love and warmth 

veiled by the fog 

concealed by the fear

Shrunken down into an unhealable wound

shrounded by eternity 


I feel its aura underneath hidden by the ignorance of others

It comes out when the world is angry 

It comes out when the world is sad

It weeps for my soul

And for the color of cotton; purity

It is my unhealable wound and my magic weapon


I give it strength on my whirlpool island of despair

It fuels me with humilty 

It inspires my inner creator 

It inspires my inner sage

HE inspires my inner hero 


The duality of myself 

Underneath my skin and tucked away behind the veil 

I can hear it screaming in pain

Chained up and unable to attain the love

It's clenching and struggling 

Its sobs and wails and anger all bottled up 

Waiting for the catharsis 

When the liberty bells will ring


It cries when the world is sad 

Summoned to carry the burden 

Of sorrow, of loss, and of despair

No one will ever see him

for they are claoked with hubris and ignorance 

and lacking empathy


Rendering it unable to speak

Only cry 

Cry for freedom 


This is the story of my shadow 

The source of my spirit and my soul

This poem is about: 
Our world


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