My World

You are here for me all the time even in my darkest of days. Your always at my side, even if I have disobeyed you. You are always there and can always relate to what I'm going through. You would take me in your arms and make everything disappear. My worries and fears disappear when it's just you and I. I can always seem to find the light. I'm able to express myself and truly be who I am. There isn't that thought that runs through the back of my mind saying you would leave me, or that you would judge me. I know that no matter what I do and no matter what happens you are here for me and always will be. Through you I'm able to find security, trust, a home. I know that no matter what you will always be there for me. In my darkest hour I just think of you and I know you that I am home. Your my friend, and my savior. Know that I will care for you, and always cherish you forever, for you are my world.



I like it:) Keep up the good work!

Jay Gee 10

Thank you! :)

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