My Voice



Just sit back

let the world spin you

thats what I thought

Stay still

don’t embarrass your lips

Everyone’s afraid of what you can say

I lay and let them start without me

Where can I start?

I have no voice

They all assume I don’t care

As long as I smile

they can move on with their lives

So the wind takes me in my thoughts

as I travel for a purpose

I told her once

That I have no real life

She accuses a need of attention

I leave with the night instead

Decide I’m not afraid of death

I then believe I don’t care

Just let the world spin

Only Silence will hear my voice

A dashboard will hear me sing

And covers will hold me as I cry through the night

I try to speak

They look away

I repeat myself

They give up and say they had enough

They can’t hear me

She didn’t want to anyway

So words from my thoughts I gave to the wind

Only Miss did I tell

Only Miss asked for more

Asked to hear my voice

Wanted to hear what I told the silence

See the words no one understands

I let it happen

Let these words speak for me

Only then do people hear

Hear what I scream and yell

What I want to sing

This is the only way

The last way to use my voice

So I can care again


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