My voice

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 04:53 -- I_Am


I don't let the words choke me up

because I eat them up and spit them out

People hold their tongue to avoid a corrupt

relationship but that sh** went up and out.. the window

of open opportunity to change a mind, a soul, a heart

a desire to change or make a fresh start



You don't get a fresh start when you are already in the race of life

well I guess this why I write

to start over in my mind and feel like my life is new

but in reality its an ugly truth


When i say I write, I speak in simple terms

In reality I speak with a silent voice

that can only be heard by the eyes of the reader who dares to observe the words that clasp the declaration of my independence because my mind is free and my voice is heard

most think because I am small that I make little noise

my words are even bigger than my voice I speak

I guess they weren't expecting my roaring little squeak


I write such words with a simple pen and blue ink

my fingers, yes

they go to work they paint

they paint the paper with colorful blasphemy of words like a canvas creating Mona Lisa and that beautiful smile


That same smile that shows on my face after a while 

when I am done writing this to whom it may concern

sitting and writing this poem on that number 9 cloud, I feel

my rights, my freedom, my voice in which I think I have earned


This is my voice and it has been heard



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